Good Luck - Sam Warburton (C)

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Sam Warburton (C)

6ft 2
6ft 2
16st 4

Wales' World Cup captain and a well-deserved accolade. Might only be 22 but our new magnificent seven has shown assured composure since given the leadership reins. No specialist open side cover in squad, so promises to be busy few weeks for Warburton in New Zealand.

Enter a concise good luck message below. These messages will be printed on the players' Welsh jerseys which they will wear at some point during the Tournament


Julian Hall said:

Good luck Sam and the lads! I know you'll do us proud!

Cymru Am Byth!

Emma Meyrick said:

Cymru am byth
Sam do us proud captain our boys to the win
This is our year

Tina Williams said:

Good Luck Sam !
Its Wales turn do us proud as always!!

Tina Williams said:

Good Luck Sam ! its Wales turn do us proud as always !

Jackie Brown said:

Good Luck Wales! You Can do it....

What your mind can conceive - your body can achieve.... We Can.... and We will.....

Rob Price said:

Good luck Sam, take no prisoners and give it some hwyl!! Just packed and can't wait to get to Wellington to support you and the boys.

Grant Lucas said:

Warburton is baking at captain!! Come on Sam do us proud!!!

Owain Leclare said:

good luck sam ! get stuck in !

dave Vickery said:

good luck Sam are the man...lead us to victory!

Ximixwene said:

Re. Vic "Floor" MAtfields comments ... tell the ref to ping them for flying off their feet at EVERY attacking ruck.

Cymru am byth!

ximixwene said:

Re. Vic "Floor" Matfields comments, ask the ref to ping them for flying off their feet at EVERY attacking ruck!
They don't like it up 'em!
Cymru am Byth!

mark nilsen said:

on our day we can beat anyone!
bring the 2011 world cup home,believe!
pob lwc i gymru

Owain said:

so glad to see you get this opportunity to add to your success', no doubt in my mind that you will be the same standard bearer you always have been

Colin Howells said:

Good luck Sam! Nothing will stop us from winning. Cymru am Byth!

Will Robinson said:

A stunning performance by Wales-soooooooooooo much to be proud of-watch out Samoa!!

Paul Knight said:

Good Boys Wales!

A truly great Team performance. That match will be the benchmark for ALL other teams at the World Cup. More intensity than final Tri-Nations match, Aussie Vs NZ.

We are Proud of you Wales.
Lead your Men Well Sam.

Ed Davies said:

Well played Sam - you showed Brussow how it's done. We can qualify the hard way no problem.

Ed Davies said:

Well played Sam - you showed Brussow how it's done. We can qualify the hard way no problem.

Clare Rodgers said:

Just to let you know that you have an extra 30 supports for your match on Sunday. My daughters kindy had an all blacks day and she came dressed in her welsh bonnet, rugby shirt and welsh flag. She also took all our Welsh things with her. The kids loved it so much that my husband is going to teach them the anthem etc on Monday.
My husband will be at the match on Sunday (finances don't premit us to go) but Good LUCK and us welsh/kiwis wish you well.

brian thurlow said:

Good luck boys, do this for Wales and especially the four miners we have just lost.

Terry James said:

Sam, you are a born winner and a legend in the making! Keep the momentum going and the bring the Cup home to Wales! Ter, Dan, Sarah, Ella-Sioned and Daniel

John Leonard said:

I am sending this to you Sam as Captain of Wales, but it is for the whole squad. Just to say Thank You for putting Wales back on the World Rugby Map again where we belong with your breath taking games in the Rugby World Cup.Think positive as you can go all the way and WIN the Rugby World Cup.Good Luck to you all in your forthcoming matches and I know you will all do Wales proud what ever happens.

Jo roberts said:

Go on Captain Marvel! You and the team can do it, we believe in you and we're so proud of you. The whole of Wales is behind you.

Beryl Rex said:

Your an inspirational leader Sam. Keep leading by example and do us proud!

Francine said:


David said:

Sam, for you and the whole squad:

Running through the battlefield,
Blood red scarlet shirt,
A battle for the gainline,
Fighting through the hurt.

Dragons' heart fast beating,
Pulses running high,
Driving, pushing forward,
Reaching for the sky.

Victory is nearing,
Arms raised amongst the cheers,
A band of bloodied brothers,
To be be remembered through the years.

Everyone in Wales believes you can do it.
Believe it yourselves!
The whole country is behind you.

All the very best of luck!

Mark Burton said:

To Sam and the whole squad,

We are so proud of you all !! - you are playing the best rugby (boy, I am filling up)You should not fear anyone and you are more than capable of winning this tournament.

Keep doing what who've been doing so far - believe in yourselves, because we all believe in you boys.

Good luck Sam

Phil Jones said:

Hi Sam
When you signed my t-shirt in Abergavenny sportshop, you were very positive although having injured ankle.
'Warburton bread-bread of heaven-heaven is where I hope to be with a W tomorrow morning'!!!!!!!!!!

Stephanie Morris said:

well done so far, couldn't have asked for more from you all, good luck for the other matches pass on the message to all the team and coaching staff, you're all doing Wales proud! X

dave Price said:

Well done Wales.
Terrific performance against Ireland and you showed great determination, skill and desire. You obviously wanted a semi-final place much more than England and now you must be licking your lips for a show-down with the French.

Gwneud yn dda a phob lwc.

BRIAN said:


Debs said:

Congratulations to the whole team and coaching staff, amazing performances -remember you are supported and loved wherever you are in the world.

Pricey said:

Cymru is going bananas. You cannot believe the feel-good factor you lads are generating. Cymru am byth! Need any help with the WC Victory speech?

Mark Burton said:

Another wonderful performance, agoinst Ireland. This is one very very proud Welshman, living in England. To hear all the pundits lavish praise on my fellow countryman, brings a lump to my throat. Keep believing Sam and all the very best against France.

Ann Hopkins said:

Great play and great leadership Sam. The same again against France. Good luck to all the team & management - we're so proud of you ALL!

beth denman said:

bob luc Sam, not only captain of the team but captain of the nations dreams.all the way on Saturday kick some french booty. so proud of you all. love Beth.xx

Tegid Phillips said:

Hi my name is Tegid Phillips.I am 9 years old.I play for CRICC in cardiff.Keep playing as you are,BRILLIANT in the ruck and hopefully you can beat France.

Anne Dore said:

Good luck to all the squad - play with the confidence and skills you have shown all through the tournament and you will do the whole of wales and yourselves proud.

chris may said:

sloop john sam.... with sam our captain ,we'll bring the cup home .go get it big nose .we are all loving you an the squad down caerleon way sooooo proud!!!!!

Will Hardcastle said:

Good Luck to you and the team on Saturday, will be there to cheer you lads on, you will hear us!! Absolutely brilliant to see Wales reeping the benefit of a lot of hard work. Not that anyone needs encouraging but you have made us immensely proud to be Welsh

Gemma said:

Well done Sam! You boys have done us all proud! You are all an inspiration and you would not believe what is going on back in Wales!

You will recieve a hero's welcome back home whether it's a win or a loss!

Cymru am byth!

Mike, Al, Katie & Bethan said:

With Sam our Captain we'll bring the cup home! You have all made us so proud already. Keep going you can do it. We'll be cheering you all the way. Come on Wales xx

Brigid Rees said:

As a nation we are unbelievably proud of the whole team & coaching staff, you've done a fantastic job. I'm sure you'll all be able to hear the cheers of encouragement coming from Wales all the way over in New Zealand tomorrow morning! Pob Lwc!

Robert Hughes said:

Good Luck Samuel and all the boys
We in Wales are very proud of you
kiss those three feathers and shine
you are all dragons fired by the hwyl
and spirit of our nation Pontllanfraith
and all the villages are behind you

Will & Jack said:

Good Luck Sam & the boys!! You're showing the rest of the world how to perform on AND off the pitch-outstanding! GO WALES!!

BRIAN said:


Darhyl Price said:

Come on Sam and the boys, do us proud

Paul Billings said:

If the team play as they have throughout we WILL make the final. I've never felt so proud to be Welsh. You are wonderful representatives of our country and you are an outstanding captain. Thank you.


Im English but a Wales fan and you are still the best. Your country can be proud of you and your team.


From an Englishman you are Simply The Best Good luck to and the Welsh Team

Mike, Al, Katie & Bethan said:

Gutted. We didn't deserve that but stil unbelievably proud of you all. Lets go and get the third place and show the world we are the better team. Come on Wales x

Lauren Brown said:

So proud of the whole team for an absolutely incredible performance both today and for the entire tournament. You've all been sensational, both on an off the field and thoroughly deserve "best team of the tournament".
Australia or NZ next up - lets go out with a bang, and show who the real contenders are!
Such a young team, consistent superb performances - One hell of a welsh rugby future to look forward to!!!
Come on Wales!

BRIAN said:


Anne Dore said:

I hope this message reaches you. My abiding memory of this semi final will be one of immense pride in all of the team. The result wasn't the one we deserved. I hope that everyone in the squad has a great week and shows the world the class, belief, commitment and phenomenal rugby skills that this group of player has by winning the match next Friday.
You will always have the support of the welsh nation and you've earned the respect of the rugby world during this campaign. Thanks to you all

Tegid Phillips said:

Just wasn't to be. Keep your head up. Wales now has a great team and captain. Everyone back here so proud of you all. Tegid (aged 9)

Dave Bevan said:

Sam you have ushered in a new golden era of Welsh rugby ,and some of us have been waiting 40 years for you and this team........bloody hard I know but try and put the card behind you , your country needs you .........the future looks great ...the fans are over the moon at what you have achieved and the style in which you achieved it.Despite the loss today we have all been filled with such pride in you and the team . When you come back to Wales we will be there to welcome you ...Dave

Helen said:

Had given my wristband away. Went to the Millennium Stadium. Will we ever forget the game?

Four hours later went past a shop with one wristband left. Bought it. Am wearing it with pride. You still have a World Cup match to play.

You have already done us proud, go and give the world showcase rugby on the 21st and win!

A big thank you to the entire team including the coaches, for your hardwork, your dedication, your courage and your commitment and thank you Sam for your leadership. Don't stop now guys!

Good luck..

Louis said:

Thanks Captain bach! Thanks for making us Welsh proud for some time. We know that this one incident, an accident will not tarnish your image. You are young and you will carry on leading this team and other teams to glory. It was a great campaign. You may not be in the last game but your leadership needs to be. Make the team put one mighty effort next week and then return home leading all your heroes back home. There is big welcome in the hillsides and in the North Coast for you, where I come from! God Bless.

Beth Towers said:


Imagine this? I'm Welsh, I married an Englishman, and I'm living in France! My husband has become an overnight trainee North Walian, and all the french people who live around here consider themselves incredibly lucky to have scraped a win.

What happened, happened. Some things in life are simply not 'just', but you need to put it behind you. You are a superb Captain and a huge credit to our country, as are all the rest of the squad. We are SO proud of you.

As far as we are concerned the REAL final next week will be Wales V Australia!


Beth xx

Tess Bartley said:

Terrible decision over your red card. We're all still so proud of how well the squad has done this year and Wales has definitely been the best team to watch in this tournament. It still hurts but this team has plenty of talent and time to display it at future competitions.

You are an incredible captain and you don't need to be on the pitch to lead the lads. Looking forward to seeing you all play in Cardiff soon.

Jackie Brown said:

Sam you have been the victim of rough justice - so very unfair. We are all very proud of you and the whole squad - you have been sensational and a true credit to your country. I have never been so proud to be Welsh. We know that you have the pride, the passion and perseverance to win on Friday and that you will be with the boys all the way. They will give you the performance of their lives! This will be the true final!
Come on Wales! We are behind you all the way!

Will & Jack said:

You're still Captain Fantastic -remaining dignified throughout-keep showing the way Sam!!

Megan Bunney said:

I don't know about
but I feel pretty damn proud
to say I stood with 60,000 fans
and screamed it out loud
I don't know how they felt
to stand on that green grass!!

How Did you feel?
You deserve this one good luck xxx :D


  • WalesvAustralia

    Saturday, December 3rd at 2:30pm
    Millennium Stadium

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